Thursday, April 16, 2009

Workplace: Pay and Hours

Here is an activity for students interested in finding out about their rights in the workplace.
This week we will look at the website.

We will look for information about Pay and Hours of Work. You will see the topics in the bar on the left side.

There are 5 things to do:

1. Go to Getting Paid and click on Ont at the top of the page. (The short forms for each province are in the row of teeny, tiny white writing that is almost impossible to read.)
What is the general minimum wage in Ontario 2009?
What will it be next year?
Look at another province. Is the minimum wage the same or different?
2. Go to Work Time. Click on Weekly Hours and Overtime and click on Ont at the top of the page.
How many hours in standard work week?
Are you entitled to a break?
What about days off?
What can you do if you still have questions about the rules?
3. Look along the left sidebar of the website.
What other information can you find on this site?

4. Click on the comments link below and tell us what you think about this website. Is it easy to use? Is the information useful?

5. Here are some questions to think about. We will discuss these questions in class.
What do you think about Fair pay?
  • Have you ever worked for minimum wage? Is it enough money?
  • How much should people get paid?
  • How can workers get fair wages
What do you think about Hours of work?
  • How many hours should people work?
  • Should it be the same for everybody?
  • How can workers get fair hours?

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