Thursday, April 16, 2009

Health: The Human Body

Click here to open The Virtual Body.

A new page will open up.
Choose English.

You will see pictures of the inside of your body.
The pictures will be cartoon like the ones on this page, not photographs.
Some people do not like looking at pictures like this.
If you do not like looking at pictures like this, choose another activity.

Click on The Human Skeleton.
Click on Bones Narrated and listen to the information.
You can read along.
When you have heard the information, try the Build a Skeleton game.

Click on Comments.
Write a message and tell us:
  • which activity you did
  • what you liked about it
  • what you did not like about it
  • 3 things you learned
  • which activity you are going to try next at the Virtual Body

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