Thursday, April 16, 2009

Storytelling: Interviews

What story do you want to hear?

Who would you like to ask to tell you a story?
What stories from your family or your community are interesting to you?

There are 3 things to do.
1. Listen to people tell each other stories.
Here are some links.

* A son asks his father about his marriage and divorce and marriage
* A great-nephew asks his great-uncle about the secret of long life
* Debra asks her friend Ed about his best tip ever
* A Big Brother and Little Brother ask each other questions
* Listen to more stories

2. Plan your interview.
Think about who you would like to interview.
Make some questions.

You can use the Question Generator at Story Corps.
You put your information into the question generator and they will send you a list of questions by email.

You can use the the Great Questions List at Story Corps.
When you go to the Great Questions List, you can click on the topic you are interested in and find questions you would like to ask.

Or make up your own questions.

3. Write up your questions and share them with the class.

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